Monday, April 7, 2014

Cave Escape Post #20

Well 3rd quarter has finally ended! Yay! 
Anyways, I actually got some stuff completed. Not a lot, but still some. I completed 2 extra stages. Boom. It's a miracle. I know your all pro lay reading this thinking, what's so great about creating 2 stages. Well, let me say-it's amazing. For not having any clue what I wanted this project to turn out as, and then creating 2 stages, is a HUGE accomplishment for me. It's feels like I just ran a marathon, and actually won it. 

I also was able to complete something else. I was able to get Mack to get to complete the actual actions I wanted him to do. This is also a HUGE accomplishment for me. 

So I guess you can say that I am making good progress for delayed video game.

1 comment:

  1. That is great news Lilly! I know nothing about video games, but that sounds like a huge accomplishment! On huge projects like yours, any progress is good progress! Keep pushing through!