Sunday, March 2, 2014

Cave Escape Post #17

Hello everyone!!!
This week, my teacher Mr. Provenzano asked us to write about what we would change about 20 time, and what we think of it.

So far, I LOVE 20 time, and the whole idea of it. But, I really really wish I chose a different idea for my project. Now that I'm actually working on it a lot, I realize that I'm really making no progress,  and I hate it. Instead of creating a video game, I wish I created an entertainment site. It would include personal and professional reviews about video games, t.v. shows, and especially movies. Since I'm a huge gamer and movie buff, I think that it would work out a lot better than my current 20 time-creating a video game.

What I liked most about 20 time was how students are able to express themselves freely through a project. It's a very fun to know that even if you mess up on the project and its a total fail (like mine), you don't get a failing grade. What I liked least about 2 time, was how we (students), weren't really given a lot of time to REALLY choose what we wanted to do for our project. I really wish that we did the Transcendentalism until before we chose our project. After the transcendentalism until, a lot of us students felt that we could express ourselves freely without being judged by anyone. But, other than that, I'm ecstatic about the whole idea and projects.

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  1. It is always good to reflect! Unfortunately, you can't change your topic now, but focus more on the journey than the final product. My professor always likes to say that learning is about the process, not the product. So maybe you can focus your project more around the process!